Free Hybrid Giganotosaurus Mountain Rampage


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August 26, 2021
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Free Hybrid Giganotosaurus Mountain Rampage

Within a secluded mountain in the middle of the Primal Island, Hybreed has been experimenting with extra dinosaur genetics. Unsatisfied with preceding results, they recombined the Giganotosaurus DNA to make a good extra effective and terrifying predator. Armed with deadly combat capabilities and the genetic sequences of extra than one hundred thousand species, they created the Hybrid Giganotosaurus. It was all below manipulate till an accident disabled all the security structures inside the labs.

The Hybrid Giganotosaurus is now unleashed and it only has one goal in thoughts: wipe out all of the people.

Hybrid Giganotosaurus: Mountain Rampage Apk

Hybreed has deployed the Hybreed Special Asset Containment (HySAC) unit for you to take down the Hybrid Giganotosaurus. But, the Hybrid Giganotosaurus rapid genetic edition offers it strength past HySACs abilties. Will it ever be taken down?

Play as the huge and powerful Hybrid Giganotosaurus. Bite, break, and crush all the people and smash the entirety! The Hybrid Giganotosaurus will not be stopped!

-Timeless 2D Graphics!
-Combat Effects and Sounds!
-Simple Controls!
-Endless dinosaur combat!

What will it take to cease your rampage? Download and discover now!


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